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Images created with Photovista version 3.5   & Canon A400 or Canon G6 digital camera other Canon DSLRs reduced shots from 10D, 20D or 40D

Road America Collection.

Road America 2007 Corner 3 360

Road America 2007 Worker Station 4

Road America 2007 Corner 7 360

Road America 2007 Corner 8 360

Road America 2008 Outside Corner 8 G6

Road America 2008 Outside Corner 9 G6

Road America 2008 Outside Corner 9/10 G6

Road America 2007 Outside Corner 10/11

Road America 2007 Corner 11b Drivers Right

Road America 2009 Corner 14 40D   Notice new office building and re-modeled Gearbox

Road America 2007 Station Alpha

Road America 2008 New Office Building G6

Various other places

Indycar Night 2009 Iowa Speedway Canon G6

Indycar Pit Lane 2009 Milwaukee Mile Canon 40D

Holy Hill Fall 2007 Tower View 360 Canon 10D Reduced

Scottish Highlands 1988 Peaceful Countryside (Canon AE1)

Older images created with Photovista version 2.0

MG Vintage Reunion 2002 658k SVRA (Canon AE1)

Milwaukee Mile from new grandstand OWRS 2004 849k OWRS / CART (Kodak Easyshare 2mp)

MG Reunion SVRA 2002 639k (Sony Mavica 7)

MG Reunion SVRA 2002 Better Stitch (Sony Mavica 7)

Milwaukee Region SCCA open house 2005 372 kb (Kodak Easyshare 2mp)

David Hobbs Awards 131 kb (Kodak Easyshare 2mp)

Milwaukee Sailing Center 113k viewed from the lake (Disposable 1992)

Out the back of the Apt. 472k (Kodak Easyshare 2mp)

Images Below were created with Photovista version 3.5   & HP 945 digital camera

SVRA Road America May 05 From Flagging Bridge - Cloudy Day

Group 6 cleanup BRIC 2005 multi-car incident at start

Road America 2005 West of carousel Campground

More Foolin Around Stuff

ALMS 2004 24k cut from single image (Sony Mavica 7)

Collection 3D Nimslo photos 289k Men at Play

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